This hybrid of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Pomeranian is also known as a Yorky Pom, Yorkie Pom, or Yoranian Terrier.

The physical and behaviorial characterics that are prevalant in Yorkhire Terriers and Pomeranians may also be passed onto the offspring.


Yorkshire Terrier Characteristics:

These dogs can be energetic, brave, loyal, intelligent, affectionate, easy to train, sweet. The Yorkshire Terrier needs to have an owner who exhibits a "leader of the pack" mentality, one who sets boundries and does not allow the Yorkie to get away with bad behavior just because she is cute. When walking her, have her walk next to or behind you, so that she doeas not get the impression she is the leader. To let the Yorkie rule the house is to invite a yappy, jealous, agressive little dog. Show her who is boss and you will have the sweetest friend to cuddle with.

Yorkshire Terriers are sensitive to cold and do well indoors so are suited for an apartment; howver, they do require a daily walk. This breed sheds little to no hair, so is well suited for those who are allergic to animals, but also means that you must groom her often.

HEIGHT: 6-7 inches (15-17½cm.)

WEIGHT: 7 pounds (3.2kg.)

LIFE EXPECTANCY: About 12-15 years

KeKe, 50% Pomeranian 50% Yorkie Dam.

Pomeranian Characteristics:

The Pomeranian is the epitome of the "toy dog", small in stature but big in personality, it is an affectionate, loyal, quick-witted, and independant, making it a charming companion for an elderly person. It is a constant shedder and it's coat need to be groomed often.

HEIGHT: 7-12 inches

WEIGHT: 3-7 pounds



Connor, Pomeranian Stud.